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Your welcome email may seem like an unimportant step in your marketing. You just tell the new prospect or customer welcome and they’re on their way. But if this is all you’re doing you are missing out on a great opportunity to get them to further engage with your brand. 
In this post we are going to look at what successful companies are doing in their welcome emails. We’re going to dissect their emails so we can get a better understanding of what to do and not to do. 

Why do you need a welcome email?

When someone creates an account in your application you could just log them in and guide them through the experience. You could show them how to do everything as they move along in the application. You could even put notifications inside the app that work as messages that they can go back and review later. 

But you would be missing out on a lot revenue if you didn’t send a welcome email. First, a prospect may not immediately login when they sign up. Second, they may not know what to do when they get into the app. Third, you miss the opportunity to speak to your prospect in one of their most protected spaces. 

It is the ability to communicate with your prospect or customer that makes sending a welcome email so important.  Sometimes we forget that email is a two-way communication channel. You can interact with your prospect by asking questions and directing what they should do next. They communicate back to you by replying, clicking on links, or taking some other action that you have requested.

Let’s take a look at some different companies and how they use the welcome email to communicate with their customers.


Benchmark in an email marketing company. Their welcome email is all about giving you the right learning tool to get your email campaigns going. They use large content boxes that describe each of the types of learning content available. This makes it easy to differentiate one type from another. It also, makes it easy to choose the one you want to explore. Finally, they give a button at the end of the email to take you straight to the site to begin creating your first campaign.

This is a good format for a company if your product or service requires guidance to get started. Companies that sell software or technical devices would benefit from using this style welcome email.


Oshkosh is a childrens’ clothing company. Their welcome email is designed to reinforce why it is important to shop with them. First, they let you know what sizes they offer and provide a link to get start shopping. Next, they promote their incentive program and ask you to “Enroll Now.” Then, because they have physical stores and an online store, they invite you to shop their website for exclusive online offers. Then they promote their free shipping to store program. Finally, they give you a coupon that can be used now to save.

This email could seem to make to many offers. But, because of a well thought out design, you naturally flow from one piece of information to another without being confused. Oshkosh does a good job of promoting their programs and inviting you to begin shopping. Including a strong coupon should bring higher sales from this email.

This style welcome email would be good for any type of online or retail store.

Constant Contact

Constant contact in an email marketing company. Their welcome email is very straight forward. They invite you to get started. There are two links for getting started. One is a text link and the other is a button. They also provide you with a link to a video that will help you create your first email. In addition, they give you the phone number to talk to a coach if you have any questions.

This style welcome email is good when you want someone to get right into your application and start working. It is particularly good when your interface is easy to navigate and allows a prospect to get going without needing help. A help video and support contact information give your prospects the confidence that if they get stuck, you will be there for them.

Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi is an email marketing company. Mad mimi opens up their welcome email by inviting you to view a video tutorial on how to create your first emal. Next, they give you a link to an email gallery to help you come up with ideas. Then, they inform you about some of their security policies, your account info, and support contact information.

This email is packed with information. It also sets the information in the right order of how a new user should consume it.


Ahrefs is an search engine optimization tool. They start their welcome email by reinforcing their place in the market through social proof. Then, they tell you exactly what they do, “provides you with competitive backlink intelligence data.” Next, they give you a link to their contact page. Finally, they show you two boxes with information and links to their main to products you should start with.

Overselling in your welcome email can be disasterous, but a little social proof can be a good thing for your brand.


Emyth is a business coaching company. They start of with a formal introduction of the director and staff. It is the second part of the email that really hits their target market. The email says, “You’re in the right place if any of these apply…” Then, they go on to list out which people meet the criteria for being in the right place. Next, they spell out what you can expect from them. Finally, they give you the next steps to take.

This welcome email format is great when you know your target audience and you want to reinforce your unique selling proposition.


Airbnb is a travel accomodations plateform. This welcome email has one message, “Start your search for your next trip.” They promote the message by telling you to start searching and connect with an accomodation host. The large image suggest fun and excitement await you when you use their service.


GameStop sells new and used video games and consoles. This welcome email is for their customer rewards program. When you sign up for the program, they send this email to try and get you to complete your profile. They offer an incentive of 250 additional points just for completing your profile. They also tell you a great benefit is the ability to access your account anywhere.

Audubon Nature Institute

Audubon Nature Institute owns several different wildlife parks. Their welcome email reinforces that membership is complete. They provide a link to print a temporary card and let you know that a permanent card is on the way. Finally, they give a link to their website.

This type of welcome email is good as a follow up to a completed transaction, such as, a membership. It is good because it informs and lets the customer know the status of their order.

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